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Business Immigration

Kaim Todner Solicitors Ltd's Private and Business Immigration Department is able to provide services to both migrant workers looking to enter and work in the United Kingdom, and to businesses requiring our services to assist them in the process of obtaining a sponsorship licence and certificates of sponsorship in order to employ migrant workers to enhance their business and meet their business needs.

Visitors to the UK

The UK Immigration Rules for visitors have been consolidated and clarified by streamlining the previous 15 routes to just the following 4 (four) routes:

  • Visitor (standard)
  • Visitor for marriage or civil partnership
  • Visitor for permitted paid engagements
  • Transit visitor

UK based Businesses and Self Employed Professionals

We can assist with:

  • Sponsorship Licences
  • Certificates of Sponsorship
  • Assist you in navigating your way through the UK Immigration Points Based Tier System
  • Advice on the best way forward for your organisation or career
  • Any other related enquiry relating to Business and Professional Visas

If your business needs to employ migrant workers in the UK, or you wish to visit, work, study, play professional sport, or join a family member or partner (eg spouse) already in the UK, please do not hesitate to contact us at solicitors@kaimtodner.com, in order that we can assess your needs and assist you through the required processes and applications.

Business Immigration News

There are no news items in this section yet however we are preparing new articles and these will be available shortly.