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Kaim Todner Solicitors are one of the leading firms in Extradition Law, having been ranked by Chambers & Partners since 2014.

The department is lead by solicitor advocate Kevin Kendridge and features a core team of specialist extradition lawyers, making it one of the largest in the country dedicated to this practice area.

The team is multi-national and multi-linguistic. If English is not your first language they are able to take instructions in Polish, Romanian, Albanian, French, Arabic, Spanish and Norwegian.

Kaim Todner represents clients in all forms of extradition requests. Over the years it has gained particular expertise in requests from the United States of America, Russia, India, Turkey, Paraguay and Dubai. These matters tend to be far more complex than requests from European countries and require representation from experienced and specialist lawyers.

Recent Success and the Forum Bar

In 2018 Kaim Todner successfully appealed against extradition in the case of Lauri Love v USA. This was a landmark case because it was the first time that the Forum Bar to extradition had successfully been argued at the High Court.

It was also notable as a rare occasion on which the High Court had discharged a requested person facing extradition to the United States of America. The decision demonstrates the willingness of the English Courts, despite the demands of the US, to step in and protect their citizens in cases where extradition would be oppressive.

The Forum Bar was introduced following the case of Gary McKinnon, who was also successfully represented by Kaim Todner. It sets out that extradition should not take place in cases where it would not be in the interests of justice, taking into account the possibility that a trial could take place in England, and also the human rights of the requested person, amongst other considerations.

Interpol Red Notices

The team is very well versed in mounting successful challenges to Interpol Red Notices and helping clients to have their Interpol records deleted.

It is not uncommon that individuals, very often having never been convicted of any offences, find that they are being stopped by Police when crossing borders. This can happen when overseas Police forces inform Interpol that a person is wanted.

In such situations Kaim Todner is able to provide advice and serve written grounds arguing that the red notice, diffusion notice or retention of the individual's information is not in accordance with the Interpol Constitution.

An oral hearing in France can also be requested should this be desirable in the circumstances of the case.

If you are facing an extradition request or believe that you may be considered wanted by Interpol please contact us on the below contact details. Our team of dedicated extradition lawyers will be more than willing to assist you by providing you with initial advice on your legal issue.