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Why do you need a Criminal Lawyer?

Criminal law is a complex area of law and the penalties are increasing in severity. If you have been contacted by the police, charged with a criminal offence or become entangled in the criminal justice system you should seek the services of an experienced criminal lawyer.

Being involved in criminal proceedings can be very stressful on you, your family and your professional life. It is therefore important that you seek the professional services and advice of a qualified expert instead of relying on yourself. This will ease the burden and anxiety of navigating through the judicial system, help you understand the administrative issues and enable you to construct a properly formulated defence.

Professional Advice is Not an Admission of Guilt

Seeking the professional services of an experienced criminal lawyer does not deem you to be admitting any form of guilt, no matter the severity of the charges. It shows that you take the matter seriously, that it is important for you to understand what is going on and that you would like to see that the best outcome achieved.

Instructing an experienced criminal lawyer ensures that your rights are protected and that you receive sound advice from the beginning to the end of the matter.

What is criminal law and criminal defence?

Criminal law is a set of laws that prohibit certain behaviours because they threaten or harm the public's safety and welfare. Punishments can be administered by the State in the event of such prohibited behaviours being commissioned.

Criminal defence is the process by which a criminal defence lawyer is hired to head the legal proceedings on behalf of their client in order to administer calm, knowledgeable and expert advice and to attain the best possible solution on their behalf.

What is a criminal lawyer's role?

A criminal lawyer is required by codes of conduct to provide fair representation to their client in the event of their client being accused or charged with a crime. They are also expected to challenge any improper admission of evidence by the Crown Prosecution Services (the Government).

What professional services do criminal lawyers offer?

A criminal lawyer could be required for any situation that is deemed to be criminal, for example: sexual offences, misuse of drugs and murder. They help with all aspects of the justice system from providing advice and representation for:

• Police detention.
• Police interviews.
• Bail hearings.
• Court hearings.

Who would require the professional services of a criminal lawyer?

Any person might require and use the professional services of a criminal lawyer no matter their profession, race, gender or age.

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