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Legal Aid

At Kaim Todner we believe that the criminal justice system should be readily accessible to everyone. We have a proud and extensive record of offering exceptional advice and assistance both to legally aided funded clients and privately funded clients.

Everyone has the fundamental right to free and independent legal advice at the police station irrespective of their income or means.

Whether you are charged or summonsed to appear in a Magistrates' Court or a Crown Court, you may be eligible for Legal Aid. This is the source of government funding available to people who would otherwise not be able to afford legal advice or representation in Court.

The government has re-introduced 'means testing' for Legal Aid applications in criminal defence cases in the Magistrates' Court. 'Means testing' ensures that those who can afford to pay do pay for their legal representation. In addition, Legal Aid is only granted if it is deemed to be in the 'interests of justice'.

If your case is heard in the Crown Court, Legal Aid is now means tested here as well.

We can assist you in completing the relevant Legal Aid application form along with the financial assessment form.

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we offer extremely competitive private rates. Please feel free to contact us on 0207 842 0650 to discuss these.

If you are ineligible for Legal Aid in the Magistrates' Court and choose to fund your defence privately, you can apply to reclaim your costs if you are subsequently found not guilty. We can assist you in this application.

Regardless of whether you receive Legal Aid or pay privately, at Kaim Todner we are proud to offer a proactive, expert service to all our clients regardless of their income or means.

Legal Aid News

There are no news items in this section yet however we are preparing new articles and these will be available shortly.