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What is Mediation?

Mediation is now recognised as one of the fastest and most cost effective routes to achieving settlement of a dispute. Mediation (sometimes referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR) is used where opposing parties are prepared to attempt to find a solution to their dispute with a view to avoiding the significant cost and stress related to court litigation. With the help of our trained Mediators the parties involved in a dispute can often achieve an outcome that is satisfactory to all. The aim of our trained Mediators is to achieve, wherever possible a win-win outcome for the parties involved. In those circumstances disputants can see the matter properly resolved and in our experience, they immediately feel huge relief at bringing an end to a dispute that has caused them significant stress and inconvenience.

Types of Mediation

At Kaim Todner we specialise in Mediation involving commercial disputes, civil litigation disputes, family disputes and neighbourhood disputes. We can, however, mediate any situation requiring intervention and will happily discuss the potential for this with any parties seeking guidance and advice.

How mediation works

Once a Mediation date is set, the parties and their advisors (if they are in fact represented) meet at an agreed neutral location for the Mediation to take place. A Mediation process can last up to a day, sometimes more. Wherever possible all parties initially meet around a table to agree on the issues that need to be resolved. The Mediator then holds private meetings with the parties in separate rooms. This privacy enables the Mediator to identify and understand the respective interests to be satisfied in order to achieve a successful outcome. Our Mediators are highly skilled communicators and explore the issues impartially taking into account all of the parties objectives and concerns in a clear and sensitive manner. A Mediator does not dictate settlement terms but assists the parties themselves in arriving at their own agreed terms.

If a resolution is reached, and it usually is, our Mediators work with the parties to produce an agreement. Sometimes that agreement is legally binding sometimes not, depending on the type of Mediation undertaken.

The Mediation process remains a voluntary process in which the parties involved remain in control.

Mediation News

There are no news items in this section yet however we are preparing new articles and these will be available shortly.