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Alison Adeyinka


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Alison is an undergraduate Law student.  She is based in our Walworth Road Office.

Her role as a Paralegal in the police station department is to organise the police station files and contribute to its expansion by contacting the relevant clients and police officers in relation to the case progression.

So far, in addition to her normal duties, Alison has clerked at both a Magistrate and Crown Court where she provided a detailed report of the court proceeding. She has also made an exhaustive and "sterling analysis" on casework for a solicitor by reviewing the case summary, witness statement and the defendant's instructions before finally defining the strengths in favour and not in favour of the client.

Due to her friendly and adaptable nature she works well with her colleagues in Walworth Road and other offices.

Alison Adeyinka

[Photograph] Alison Adeyinka