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24hr Police Station Callout

Police Station Attendance

The Law

If the police suspect you of having been involved in a criminal offence they can arrest you or request you voluntarily attend a police station in order to be formally interviewed on tape and under caution.

If you are arrested, you must be cautioned and informed you have the right to free and independent legal advice. We have a 24 hour emergency service that is available to respond to attend at short notice.

The Law & You

Everyone has the fundamental right to free and independent legal advice at the police station irrespective of their income or means and we have a 24 hour emergency service that is available to respond to any emergency situation at short notice.

The Law, You & Us

Unlike other criminal defence law firms, at Kaim Todner we have a dedicated Police Station Department that has a robust approach to defending our clients and is supervised by Hulusi Ali.

All our police station advisors are fully accredited and experienced in dealing with a vast range of criminal offences from benefit frauds, thefts and assaults to rapes and murders.

We can attend any police station in London within 45 minutes meaning you will not have to wait for us when you are arrested. Your detention may be delayed whilst the police make their enquiries.

Unlike most other firms, we attend and advise our clients at identification procedures, which can be critical to the final outcome of a case.

If you would like advice in relation to a matter at the police station then please feel free to call us on 0207 842 0650. Do not delay, get representation today!

Police Station Attendance News

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